Design Manifestos

Dieter Rams, whose Ten Principles for Good Design inspired this collection


Vito Acconci (2007) Manifesto #06

Ahmedabad Declaration on Industrial Design for Development (1979)

Hernan Diaz Alonso / Xefirotarch (2007) Manifesto #19

Giovanni Anceschi et al. (1989) Carta del Progetto Grafico

Anteeksi (2007) Manifesto #45

Paola Antonelli (2007) Manifesto #42

Apple (1997) Think Different

Architects Declare (2021) UK Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

Archizoom / Superstudio (1966) Superarchitettura

Arts Emergency (2015)  The Arts Emergency Manifesto

Associazione per il Disegno Industria (1988) Design Memorandum: Dall’etica del Progetto al Progetto Dell’Etica

Gunnar Asplund et al. (1931) Acceptera


Jeremy Murdoch Bailey (2020) Manifesto of Millennial Architecture

Giacomo Balla (1913) Futurist Manifesto of Men’s Clothing

Barcelona Culture Forum for Citizens’ and Artists’ Human Rights in the Digital Age (2009) Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge

John Perry Barlow (1996) A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

John Perry Barlow (2003) The Economy of Ideas

Jonathan Barnbrook et al. (2000) First Things First 2000

Base Design Manifesto

Yves Béhar (2007) Manifesto #13

Yves Béhar (2017) Principles for a New Era of A.I. Design

Yves Béhar (2017) Ten Commandments of Science

Warren Berger (2009) The Glimmer Manifesto

Pierre Bernard (1991) The Social Role of the Graphic Designer

Michael Betancourt (1996) ______ Manifesto

Big Potatoes (2010) The London Manifesto for Innovation

Max Bill (1949) Die Gute Form

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec (2007) Manifesto #05

Neville Brody (2010) Anti-Design Festival Manifesto

Stanley Brouwn (1964) A Short Manifesto

Henna Burney (2021) A Manifesto for Salt

Anthony Burrill (2004) Work Hard and Be Nice to People


Cave Bureau (2021) The Anthropocene Museum 4.0: Maasai Cow Corridor

Constantin and Laurene Leon Boym (2007) Manifesto #16

Eric Cai Shi Wei (2008) Idea Innocent Originality Reasonable

Valery Casey (2007) The Designer’s Dilemma

CertifyD (2012) TheDesign Manifesto

Hussein Chalayan (2007) Manifesto #33

Aric Chen / Het Nieuwe Instituut (2021)

Natsai Audrey Chieza / Faber Futures (2021) Five Principles

David Chipperfield (2019) What is our role?

Congres Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne (CIAM) (1933) The Athens Charter

Crafts Council (2014) Our Future is in the Making: An Education Manifesto for Craft and Making

Allan Chochinov (2004) 1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design

City Mine(D) (2007) Manifesto #27

Committee (2007) Manifesto #32

Conditional Design (2008) A Manifesto for Artists and Designers

(onceptual]evices (2002) Triangular Design Manifesto

Coop Himmelb(l)au (1980) Architecture Must Blaze

The Copenhagen Letter (2017)

Matali Crasset (2007) Manifesto #23

The Critical Engineering Working Group (2011) The Critical Engineering Manifesto

Teddy Cruz (2007) Manifesto #47

Cultural Environment Movement (1996) The Viewers’ Declaration of Independence

Cumulus (2008) Kyoto Design Declaration


Danish Designers (2010) The Role of Design in the 21st Century: Danish Designers Manifesto: A Vision for the Future of Danish Design

Danish Design Council (2017) The Danish Design DNA

Danish Design 2020 Committee (2011) The Vision

Jared Davidson / Garage Collective (2009) This Is Not a Manifesto: Towards an Anarcho-design Practice

Guy Debord (1967) The Society of the Spectacle

Decolonising Design (2016) Editorial Statement

Michele De Lucchi (2018) Domus Manifesto

Design CAN: (2019)

The Design Council (2015) Designing a Better Britain

Design Declares (2022) Acts of Emergency

Design Doesn’t Give Up (2020)

The Designers Accord (2007)

Design Manchester (2020) The New Art School Rules!

The DesignX Collaborative (2014) A Future Path for Design / Why DesignX? Designers and Complex Systems

Julian De Smedt / JDS Architects (2007) Manifesto #11

De Stijl: Creative Demands (1922)

Annelys de Vet et al. (2006) The Public Role of the Graphic Designer

Es Devlin (2021) Swap Cars For Trees

Dezeen (2016) Brexit Design Manifesto

Diez Office (2021) Circular Design Guidelines

Dissent By Design (2022) A-to-Z Manifesto of Equitable, Inclusive & Humane Design for the Built Environment

Alastair Donald et al. (2008) Mantownhuman Manifesto: Towards A New Humanism In Architecture

Dunne & Raby (2007) Manifesto #39

The Dutch Institute of Food & Design (2018) The Food & Design Manifesto


Charles Eames (1949) Advice for Students

Charles Eames (1943) City Hall

Daniel Eatock Mini-Manifesto

Lidewij Edelkoort (2015) Anti_Fashion Manifesto

Lidewij Edelkoort (2020) Hope Manifesto

Edenspiekermann Manifesto

Peter Eisenman (2007) Manifesto #20

Ulla Engenström (2005) Draft Craft Manifesto

Blair Enns (2010) The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

Michael Erard (2009) A Short Manifesto on the Future of Attention

Jalila Essaïdi (2021) Consumerism, Materialism and Waste

Experimental Jetset (2001) Disrepresentation Now!

Experimental Jetset (2005) Past Plus Future Equals Now (On the Act of Referring to the Past as a Modernist Gesture)


The Fabricant (2021) Manifesto for the RenaiXance

Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara (2017) Freespace Manifesto

First Things First: A Manifesto — 2020 Edition (2020)

By Peter Fischli and David Weiss (1991) How to Work Better

FLDWRK (2022) Manifesto of Canadian Design

Foreign Office Architects (2007) Manifesto #29

Formafantasma (2019) Design Strategies

Fortune Magazine x IIT Institute of Design (1959) The 100 “Best Designed” Products

Fortune Magazine x IIT Institute of Design (2019) 100 Great Designs of Modern Times

Norman Foster (1969) Design for Living

Norman Foster Foundation (2022) The Kharkiv Manifesto

Foster + Partners (2019) Sustainability Manifesto 2019

Free Culture Manifesto (2004)


Beatrice Galilee / The World Around (2021) The Design We Can’t See

Ken Garland (1964) First Things First

Ken Garland (2012) Last Things Last

Gilbert & George (1970) The Laws of Sculptors

Gilbert & George (2007) The Ten Commandments

Gilbert & George (1970) What Our Art Means

Bob Gill (2009) Otherwise Forget It

Stefano Giovannoni et al. (2016) Qeeboo Manifesto

Milton Glaser (2001) Ten Things I Have Learned

Mathias Goeritz (1953) Emotional Architecture Manifesto

Mark Goldman (2010) The Obstructionist Manifesto

Mitch Goldstein (2010) A Design Education Manifesto

Good Fucking Design Advice (c. 2010) Pledge

Good Fucking Design Advice (c. 2010) Classic Advice

Michael Graves (1982) A Case for Figurative Architecture

Joseph Grima / Space Caviar (2021) Non-Extractive Architecture: Notes Towards a New Spirit in Design

Walter Gropius (1919) Manifesto of the Staatliches Bauhaus

Walter Gropius (1919) What is Architecture?

Gross Max (2007) Manifesto #41

Herbert Gruhl and Christa Meves (1978) Das Grüne Manifestder (The Green Manifesto)


Zaha Hadid (2007) Manifesto #18

Kathleen Hanna (1991) The Riot Grrrl Manifesto

Umair Haque (2009) The Awesomeness Manifesto

Stephen Hay (2008) The Design Funnel: A Manifesto for Meaningful Design

Werner Herzog (1999/2017) The Minnesota Declaration

Simon Hettler (2020) Sustainable Design Manifesto

Steven Holl (2007) Manifesto #43

Hans Hollein (1968) Everything Is Architecture

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1966, 1964, 1996) Molding Manifest Against Rationalism in Architecture

Richard Hutten (2007) Manifesto #36


IFIXIT Repair Manifesto

Bjarke Ingels / BIG (2007) Manifesto #30

Bjarke Ingels / BIG (2009) Yes Is More

L’Institut d’Esthétique Industrielle (1952) The Industrial Aesthetics Charter

Institute of Design Research Vienna (2017) New Design Manifesto

International Council of Design (2000) Icograda Design Education Manifesto

International Council of Design (2011) Icograda Design Education Manifesto

The Internet Manifesto (2009)


Sam Jacob / FAT (2007) Manifesto #38

Paul Jarvis (2013) A Manifesto for Creative Professionals

Hella Jongerius and Louise Schouwenberg (2015) Beyond the New: A Search for Ideals in Design


Louis Kahn (1957) Architecture Is the Thoughtful Making of Spaces

Tibor Kalman (1998) Fuck Committees

Kenji Kawakami The 10 Tenets of Chindogu

Sister Corita Kent (c.1965) Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules

Robin Kinross (1993) MORE LIGHT! For a Typography That Knows What It’s Doing

Rem Koolhaas (1978) Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan

Rem Koolhaas (2007) Manifesto #04

Bernard Khoury (2007) Manifesto #37


Yasmeen Lari (2021) Social and Ecological Architecture for Humanity

The League of Movable Type (c.2009) The Manifesto

Learning Network on Sustainability (2010) LeNS Manifesto

Le Corbusier (1923) Vers une Architecture

Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret (c.1926) Les 5 Points d’une Architecture Nouvelle

Chris Lefteri Design (2021) Design & Materials Manifesto

Lien Foundation (2020) Hack Care Manifesto

Manuel Lima (2009) Information Visualization Manifesto

Ken Livingstone + Richard Rogers + Peter Bishop (2007) Manifesto #26

El Lissitzky (1923) Topology of Typography

Richard P. Lohse, Josef Müller Brockmann, Hans Neuburg and Carlo L. Vivarelli (1958) New Graphic Design

Adolf Loos (1908) Ornament and Crime

Adolf Loos (1898) The Principle of Cladding

Ellen Lupton (2006) Free Font Manifesto

Patrick Lynch (2007) Manifesto #48

Greg Lynn (2007) Manifesto #10


Winy Maas (2021) The Sponge: Towards a Dendrocene

John Maeda (2006) The Laws of Simplicity

John Maeda (2007) Manifesto #03 (2005) The Maker’s Bill of Rights

Kazimir Malevich (1927) The Manifesto of Suprematism

Geoff Manaugh (2007) Manifesto #46

Um Manifesto Anti-Design (2007)

Map Project Office (2020) Can You Create A Perfect Circle?

Map Project Office (2022) A Mobility Manifesto

Enzo Mari (1974) Atlante Secondo Lenin

Enzo Mari (1999) Barcelona Manifesto

Enzo Mari What is Good Design?

F.T. Marinetti (1909) Manifesto of Futurism

Winy Maas / MVRDV (2018) Everything is Urbanism

Bruce Mau (2007) Manifesto #08

Bruce Mau (1998) An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Bruce Mau (c. 2015) Massive Change 24 (MC24)

Bruce Mau and the Institute Without Boundaries (2004) Massive Change

Jürgen Mayer H (2007) Manifesto #49

Jürgen Mayer H and Philip Ursprung (2017) Cosmic Latte: Architecture Beige Manifesto

Thom Mayne (2007) Manifesto #40

Stella McCartney (2020) The A to Z of Stella McCartney

William McDonough (1992) The Hannover Principles

Hannes Meyer (1928) Building

Metahaven (2008) White Night Before A Manifesto

Gustav Metzger (1960) Auto-destructive Art Manifesto

Mike Mills (2004-2007) Humans

László Moholy-Nagy (1923) The New Typography

Montreal Design Declaration (2017)

Morrama (2021) 10 Design Principles for a Better World

William Morris (1883) The Ideal Book

William Morris (1885) The Manifesto of The Socialist League

William Morris (1889) The Arts and Crafts of Today

William Morris, Philip Webb et al. (1877) The SPAB Manifesto

Jasper Morrison (2007) Manifesto #02

Jasper Morrison (2006) Super Normal

Mucho Gusto Graphic Lab (2020) Manifesto: The Design Cycle

Muf (c.2020) How Not to Be a Starchitect

Muf (2007) Manifesto #50

Bruno Munari (1963) Good Design

Bruno Munari (1944) Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable Chair

Munich Design Charter (1991)


Nendo (c. 2013) Design Elements

Ne Pas Plier (1998)

Richard Neutra (1953) Survival Through Design

Andrew Neyer (2020) Manifesto: Less junk, more Stuff

Bob Noorda (2009) Credo

Not In Our Name! (2009) Jamming the Gentrification Machine: A Manifesto

Fabio Novembre (2007) Manifesto #14

Peter Nowogrodzki (2008) The Pesto Manifesto


Hans Ulrich Obrist (2007) Manifesto #35

Valerio Olgiati (2007) Manifesto #21

Open Internet of Things Assembly (2012) A Draft Manifesto for an Open Internet of Things

Ore.e Ref. (2011) No Chair Design Challenge

OSA (Office For Subversive Architecture) (2007) Manifesto #22

The Oslo Manifesto: Architecture Design and Planning for the Sustainable Development Goals (2015)

Neri Oxman (2021) NATURE X HUMANITY


Juhani Pallasma (2015) The Task of Architecture

Patternity (2015) The Patternity Manifesto

Adam Pendleton (2008) Black Dada Manifesto

People’s Communication Charter (1998)

Charlotte Perriand (1929) Wood or Metal

Cole Peters et al. (2014) First Things First 2014

Bre Pettis and Kio Stark (2009) The Cult of Done Manifesto

Emily Pilloton-Lam (2008) (Anti) Manifesto: A Call To Action For Humanitarian (Product) Design

A Plastic Planet (2023) Ten Beliefs

Plant Fever (2020) The Manifesto of Phyto-centred Design

Platform 21 (2009) Repair Manifesto

Poetica (2015) Manifesto for Humane App Design

Joshua Prince-Ramus / Rex (2007) Manifesto #31



Philippe Rahm (2007) Manifesto #24

Cameron Ralston (ed.) (2013) Current Day Manifesto: Towards a Critical Ambiguity in Graphic Design

Dieter Rams Ten Principles for Good Design

Dieter Rams (1980) Fifteen Questions

Susie Ramsay and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (2001) OK ART Manifesto

Random International (2007) Manifesto #28

Karim Rashid (c. 2006) KARIMANIFESTO

Carlo Ratti Associati (2011+) Open Source Architecture Manifesto

Alice Rawsthorne (2019) Bad Design

Reconstrained Design Group (2017) Reconstrained Design: A Manifesto

Christopher Richards Slow Manifesto

Michael Rock (2000) Save Yourself

Werner Ruhnau and Yves Klein (1960) Project for an Aerial Architecture

Enric Ruiz-Geli / Cloud 9 (2007) Manifesto #15


Stefan Sagmeister (2007) Manifesto #09

Stefan Sagmeister (2008) Obsessions

Salone del Mobile (2018) Il Manifesto

Antonio Sant’Elia (1914) Manifesto of Futurist Architecture

SARK (1989) Everyone Is An Artist

Francesca Sarti / Arabeschi di Latte (2021) The Beauty of Scarcity

Peter Saville (2007) Manifesto #01

Noah Scalin (2001) Designers Against Monoculture

Scandinavian Design Council (1990) Manifesto on Nature, Ecology and Human Needs for the Future

Paul Scheerbart (1914) Glass Architecture

Patrik Schumacher (2008) Parametricism as Style: A Parametricist Manifesto

Patrik Schumacher (2018) Urban Policy Manifesto

Selce (2015) Manifesto

Richard Serra (1967-1968) Verblist

Kazuo Shinohara (1964) The Autonomy of House Design

Seth Siegelaub (1971) Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement

Marshall L. Shorts (2017) Black Creatives’ Manifesto

Socialist Designers’ Manifesto (2001)

Space Popular (2021) Threaded Thresholds: The Fabric of Civic Teleportation

SparkPoster (2018) SPRK 001 / WHO WE ARE / 01–05–18 / A Manifesto

Albe Steiner (1971) La Coscienza del Designer

Bruce Sterling (2000) The Manifesto of January 3

St. Moritz Design Summit (2001-2003)

Zachary Styles (2020) Design Manifesto 2020

Subcompact Publishing (2012) A Subcompact Manifesto

Sugru The Fixer’s Manifesto 2.0

Superflux (2021)

Yuri Suzuki and Team (2021) Manifesto


Taller de Grafica Popular (1922) Manifesto of the Painters’ Union

Bruno Taut (1919) The City Crown

Bruno Taut (1920) Down with Seriousism!

Bruno Taut (Glas) (1919) First Crystal Chain Letter

Terra Carta (2021) Mandate / Summarium

John Thackara (2007) Manifesto #12

Bernard Tschumi (1976-1977) Advertisements for Architecture

Filip Tyden and Gemma Holt (2007) Manifesto Generator
[not currently available]


United Nations (2015) Sustainable Development Goals

UN Studio (2007) Manifesto #17

Urban Think Tank (2007) Manifesto #44


Sumayya Vally (Counterspace) (2020) A Letter To A Young Architect

Mies van der Rohe (1923) Working Theses

Theo van Doesburg (1926) The End of Art

Theo van Doesburg (1918) Manifest I of „The Style”, 1918. a.k.a. De Stijl Manifesto

Joep van Lieshout (2007) Manifesto #25

Robert Venturi (1966) Nonstraightforward Architecture: A Gentle Manifesto

Massimo Vignelli (2009) The Vignelli Canon

Vitruvius (c. 40 BC) De Architectura

Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg (1995) Dogme 95


WAI (2008) Manifesto

WAI Manifesto for Total Architecture

WAI (2000) Un-Making Architecture – An Anti-Racist Architecture Manifesto

Marcel Wanders (2007) Manifesto #07

Beatrice Warde (1932) This is a Printing-Office

Tom Wiscombe / Emergent (2007) Manifesto #34

Lebbeus Woods (1993) Manifesto

Lebbeus Woods (2009) Slow Manifesto

Frank Lloyd Wright Fellowship Assets




Jeffrey Zeldman (2012) Web Design Manifesto