By Peter Fischli and David Weiss: How to Work Better

1 Do one thing at a time

2 Know the problem

3 Learn to listen

4 Learn to ask questions

5 Distinguish sense from nonsense

6 Accept change as inevitable

7 Admit mistakes

8 Say it simple 

9 Be calm

10 Smile

How to Work Better’s ten-point list of simple statements suggests that “working better” is as much about an approach to everyday life as it is about productivity. The artists originally appropriated the text from a sign found on a bulletin board in a ceramic factory in Thailand nearly three decades ago. Since then, the piece has taken different forms, from postcard to screen print to book cover. Most famously, the artists’ first installed it as a mural on an office building in Zurich in 1991. To replicate the hand-lettered irregular typeface of the original text, the artists created stencils working from a photograph each time the list was reproduced.

– Public Art Fund 2016

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