Herbert Gruhl and Christa Meves: Das Grüne Manifestder (The Green Manifesto)

  1. Our policy is responsible towards children, grandchildren and future generations. For her and our survival, the preservation of the ecological foundations of all life – air, water, soil, flora and fauna – is a prerequisite.
  2. The current economic system of people in the industrialized countries destroys these conditions with the consequence of self-destruction. That is why the economy must be brought into harmony with the laws of nature and shaped in itself into an economy of dynamic equilibrium.
  3. It is a mistake that the current materialistic waste economy still promotes happiness and life’s fulfillment. In this materialistic service, people become more and more rushed and less free the longer they serve the idol, which is falsely called “economic growth”.
  4. The unsustainable growth ideology is already about to collapse worldwide. The current attempts to force further “economic growth” will exacerbate the crisis and lead to an even bigger catastrophe.
  5. The truthful enlightenment must replace the unsubstantiated promises that drive material claims higher and higher, which can no longer be fulfilled on a limited and crowded earth. It can no longer be appropriate to promise the most to each population group in turn, but to everyone especially the weak groups – to secure the least in the long run.
  6. Only in an equilibrium economy can prices and wages be kept stable and thus socially just conditions created; because inflation hits the weakest. It prevents the long-term security of pensions and tax justice.
  7. Our goal is to enable everyone to live a meaningful life. Each individual finds fulfillment primarily in his spiritual, spiritual, cultural and religious experiences as well as in the social ties of his family and the living and working community within his home country. Mutual trust and help must replace economic ruthlessness. The victim can also increase the value of our existence.
  8. Everything has to be easier: man, administration, technology, traffic. Only then will we be able to regain more freedom, less consumption and performance terror, less stress, neuroses and other ailments.
  9. Life begins in the family. Mothers, as the most important level of the people, must be given more recognition and justice. Women have the same rights everywhere as men, especially the right to the same wages for the same work.
  10. Education policy must assume that young people go through different stages of development and that they have different talents and opportunities. A real life school to do justice to this diversity.
  11. In the entire education system, responsible handling of the environment must be cultivated and taught, and educated to act in solidarity. The goal is a fear-free and independent personality. Mammoth schools should be dismantled and private training facilities promoted. The freedom of research and teaching must be guaranteed without both escaping social responsibility.
  12. Everyone is entitled to a meaningful activity. The current rationalized mass production wastes energy and raw materials and makes more and more people superfluous. Only through decentralization and promotion of the skilled trades do we get permanent jobs, apprenticeships and a market economy competition.
  13. In the future, raw materials that are becoming scarcer and more expensive worldwide will force their highly economical use. People will have jobs because long-lasting quality products and their repair, reuse, environmental protection of all kinds and social services are labor-intensive.
  14. In our energy and economic concept, atomic energy is superfluous. The use of natural, renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, water (including tides) and the combination of heat and power are to be encouraged – as is economical use through appropriate pricing.
  15. Before they start, new technical projects must be checked to determine whether the expenditure on raw materials and energy as well as the inevitable environmental damage are still in a reasonable relationship to the benefit for humans. The advertising for unnecessary or harmful articles is to be stopped. Truthful information about the effect and content of goods to be sold must be prescribed.
  16. The development of new technologies with the aim of durable, reusable consumer goods with economical use of energy and raw materials will not only reduce the international dependence of the German economy. This also creates new future-oriented export opportunities; because only such “circular technologies” can ensure the survival of people all over the world.
  17. Agriculture has the vital task of providing us with healthy food as much as possible from our own country. The development of near-natural and non-toxic production methods as well as biological pesticides must be promoted. Agricultural part-time and part-time farms are to be maintained; they increase economic security in times of job shortage.
  18. The landscape and the fertile soil on which solar energy has produced invaluable values ​​for thousands of years must be preserved. As a rule, new industrial plants can only be built on abandoned built-up areas.
  19. The water supply is subject to a worrying deterioration in the Federal Republic. Preventive water management requires the immediate protection of groundwater and surface water against pollution and withdrawals that are above the local productivity.
  20. We call for the completion of the city and land-guzzling new roads, which are no longer necessary, but the traffic-related improvement of existing roads, the construction of cycle paths and footpaths and thus the safety of life and limb. What is needed is the expansion of the energy-saving public transport network, especially the federal railway.
  21. Urban and housing construction have to promote the development opportunities of people by creating manageable areas of life. The urban sprawl, especially the inorganic overgrowth of the big cities, must be prevented.
  22. The centralist and anti-citizen regional reform can be traced back to its reasonable degree. The administration must be organized in a way that is manageable and close to the citizen, so that those affected and the citizens’ initiatives can participate in all planning and decisions.
  23. The close ties between the economy, parties and authorities must be broken so that ecological requirements can be enforced against economic interests. Parliamentarians and state officials are not allowed to take on supervisory board mandates, consultancy contracts or similar obligations in business and administration.
  24. Every citizen must be protected against acts of violence of all kinds, especially women and children. On the other hand, the freedoms of the democratic constitutional state must be upheld, especially the right to demonstrate non-violently.
  25. The tax system must be reformed in such a way that it can be understood by taxpayers, advisors and officials. Tax justice needs to be improved in key areas.
  26. In terms of foreign policy, we are in favor of a policy of partnership and peaceful coexistence with all peoples, including those of the Eastern Bloc.
  27. We demand the right of self-determination for all people and peoples, including all Germans.
  28. We have a moral duty to help poor people, especially to stabilize their people. Aid in partnership cannot exist in the export of environmentally destructive industry, but in the delivery of adapted craft and medium-sized technologies.
  29. We reject other nuclear weapons of destruction, especially the life-destroying neutron weapon. Our goal is a nuclear weapons-free zone in Europe and a gradual disarmament of all powers.
  30. We are in favor of expanding the European community if this is done on an ecological basis with a view to securing the future in the long term.

The Green Manifesto was the program of the Green Party Future (GAZ) environmental party
The manifesto was adopted on July 13 1978


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