OSA (Office For Subversive Architecture): Manifesto #22

Passivity can’t be wrong… it’s safe

But how can we interact with our environment and implement our ideas without losing the drive, the energy and continuity? OSA is trying to overcome the usual obstacles in order to realise ideas that have an impact on our public spaces, buildings, systems, authorities and – the people. A major part of our work focuses on areas of the city that tend to be overlooked, forgotten or abandoned and therefore have enormous potential.

We are using untraditional approaches to find appropriate solutions beyond the limitations of common architectural practice. The methods are simple, ranging from soft (performative) to hard (materialised). Interventions are often “low budget”, or even less, yet powerful and effective, in fact often more than “highly sophisticated” and “complex” structures. Sometimes formal and official procedures (“fences”) literally have to be jumped in order to realise the ideas. The message is clear: “It is possible, get on with it”.

Originally published in ICON magazine
Issue 404 | 2007


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