Yves Béhar: Principles for a New Era of A.I. Design

[Good design:]

  1. solves an important human problem
  2. is context specific (it doesn’t follow historical clichés)
  3. enhances human ability (without replacing the human)
  4. works for everyone every day
  5. is discreet (it provides “invisible interfaces”)
  6. is a platform that grows with needs and opportunities
  7. brings about products and services that bring about long term relationships (but doesn’t create emotional dependency)
  8. learns and predicts human behaviour
  9. accelerates the adoption of new ideas
  10. removes complexity from life

From a talk given at A/D/O Design Academy Launch Festival – Utopia vs. Dystopia
January 27 2007

Reported in Metropolis Magazine
March 13 2017


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