Enric Ruiz-Geli / Cloud 9: Manifesto #15

Contemporaneity is an urgent issue. There is an urgent need to build the theoretical, utopian legacy of the Seventies today and, with the same intensity, there is an urgent need to create a utopian legacy for 2025. But at the same time and above all, there is an urgent need to get up to today’s speed, and get today’s work done today.

Society: open your eyes. You are hypnotised by the real estate bubble you are sleeping on. Don’t you know that you can live today in a technological space as light and as safe as space?

Nature will be safeguarded thanks to technology and human intervention.

The road to Rural Life exists, a certain return to the country, to the slow pace of life, to the simple cave.But I believe in the road forward, towards the construction of natural landscape with technology. Architecture is life. It has to be mutant, evolutionary, interactive, integrated, progressive. Spaces with sensors, that feel.

How inventive are contemporary architecture projects? Man got to the moon with one megabyte of memory.

“Retro”, re-reading and “vintage” do not count. We are talking about inventing something that we are incapable of seeing and comprehending because of our ignorance of the instruments for reading it.

It should be possible to measure and evaluate an architect’s work by the number of PATENTS owned by his office. Brands in sport, set design, new technologies, media-art and architecture would converge under the idea of new patents.

Originally published in ICON magazine
Issue 404 | 2007


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