Arts Emergency:  The Arts Emergency Manifesto

1. There are things that are bigger and better than money. We have things that those in power will never understand.

2. We take it as a given that a civilised society values education, lifelong learning and creativity as a public good.

3. We are a social justice not social mobility organisation. Arts Emergency is no substitute for justice withheld.

4. Be fearless. You are just as entitled as anyone to have the life you want.

5. There is no recession of the imagination.

6. The future is another place. Allow yourself to believe a better life is possible. Say it loud, defiantly, to everyone.

7. To think creatively and critically is to free yourself from the limits of circumstance, class and context.

8. Be generous. Now be more generous. Share your privilege.

9. Do something. Start small, start local, keep going.

10. Optimism is a weapon and if all else fails be silly.

Originally published c. 2015

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