Architects Declare: UK Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

We will seek to:

_ Raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the urgent need for action amongst our clients and supply chains.

_ Advocate for faster change in our industry towards regenerative design practices and a higher Governmental funding priority to support this.

_ Establish climate and biodiversity mitigation principles as the key measure of our industry’s success: demonstrated through awards, prizes and listings.

_ Share knowledge and research to that end on an open source basis.

_ Evaluate all new projects against the aspiration to contribute positively to mitigating climate breakdown, and encourage our clients to adopt this approach.

_ Upgrade existing buildings for extended use as a more carbon efficient alternative to demolition and new build whenever there is a viable choice.

_ Include life cycle costing, whole life carbon modelling and post occupancy evaluation as part of our basic scope of work, to reduce both embodied and operational resource use.

_ Adopt more regenerative design principles in our studios, with the aim of designing architecture and urbanism that goes beyond the standard of net zero carbon in use.

_ Collaborate with engineers, contractors and clients to further reduce construction waste.

_ Accelerate the shift to low embodied carbon materials in all our work.

_ Minimise wasteful use of resources in architecture and urban planning, both in quantum and in detail.

_ Support those who are working for climate justice and strive to ensure equity and an improved quality of life for all.

Originally published 2021

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