Stella McCartney: The A to Z of Stella McCartney

During our global moment of pause, I found myself asking bigger questions about what I do and why I do it. How can we all come back to the world more mindful, more conscious? One sleepless night, I put my thoughts on what really matters into words. As I shared it with my team, it became a manifesto of sorts.


During lockdown, I reached out to a collection of 26 artists asking if they’d collaborate by picking a letter and visualising it with free rein. Many have been intimate friends for years or that I’ve met organically on my travels through fashion; some I just connected with because I’ve always admired them, while others are next-generation talents I am giving a platform to start their careers during this difficult time.

I was astonished when each of them kindly agreed to create a piece to go into our A to Z, and it has been a huge privilege and joy to work with them. My gratitude is boundless. Each artist’s letter is essential to our visual dictionary of the conscious intentions we live by every day we go to work – and will be elaborated on in our collections in the coming weeks.

A is for Accountable 

B is for British

C is for Conscious

D is for Desire

E is for Effortless

F is for Falabella 

G is for Grateful

H is for Humour

I is for Intimacy

J is for Joy

K is for Kind

L is for Linda 

M is for Mindful

N is for Nature

O is for Organic

P is for Progressive

Q is for Question

R is for Repurpose

S is for Sustainability

T is for Timeless

U is for Utility

V is for Vegan

W is for Womanhood

X is for Kiss

Y is for Youth

Z is for Zero Waste

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