Ken Livingstone + Richard Rogers + Peter Bishop: Manifesto #26

Our vision for London’s urban renaissance

The diversity of London’s people is matched by the diversity of its built environment. The city includes within its boundary world heritage sites and radical contemporary architecture, industrial estates and skyscrapers, stately parks and deserted marshes, quiet suburban streets and bustling town centres, medieval alleys and Georgian avenues, all grouped round one of the world’s great rivers. All of these elements contribute to London’s unique character, complexity and charm, and all demand to be respected as the city changes.

Design for London wants London to be a city that works for all its people, for its economy and for the environment.

We want to see:

Beautiful and accessible buildings, with low environmental impacts and the ability to adapt to changing uses and a changing climate

Inspiring, well managed public spaces that everyone can use, from pavements to parks

Neighbourhoods that blend old and new, respecting London’s heritage, and creating places for a diverse population

Transport infrastructure that makes moving around the city easy, pleasurable and environmentally responsible

Originally published in ICON magazine
Issue 404 | 2007

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