Hans Ulrich Obrist: Manifesto #35

I would like to propose that any attempt to forecast the future is both a provocation to rethink the past and an opportunity to better come to terms with the present. What, then, of the future? We should emphasise that visions of the future across almost all phenomena (a) evolve over time and (b) are many.

The future, in other words, is both variant and plural. EXHIBITIONS of art have a future beyond objects. This summer Philippe Parreno and I are co-curating a group show for the Manchester Festival called Tempo del Postino, in which artists are not given space but time. The exhibition will be staged over the course of a few days in July and represents an experiment in time coding, and a return to the real space of engagement with audiences.

Originally published in ICON magazine
Issue 404 | 2007


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