Noah Scalin: Designers Against Monoculture

Graphic design is the filter through which all communication is now disseminated. Therefore graphic designers are in a unique position as the gatekeepers of information. What, how, and for whom we choose to communicate are crucial decisions that have a serious impact on our civilization.

Designers Against Monoculture (DAM) is a rallying cry, calling designers (as well as art directors, marketers, and copywriters) to take responsibility for the powerful communications skills they wield and to consider carefully their effects.

Our logo is the wrench because it is a tool, a tool that is not inherently good or bad, a tool that can be used to build or dismantle (or be thrown into the gears of the machine when necessary). We have a similar choice as communicators: we can be hired guns for the trans-national corporations of the world, whose interests are purely profit and power, or we can be the agents of change, strengthening the voices of our communities. We call on designers to make a stand and join DAM in abiding by these principles:

1. We dedicate ourselves to supporting the unique culture of the communities in which we live and work.
2. We refuse to create design that furthers the creation of a global corporate monoculture.

Designers, please consider placing the DAM logo (shown below) on your website and link to this page to show your solidarity with this cause:

or download an Illustrator EPS of the file here.

DAM is now a campaign of the Graphic Alliance.

DAM was inspired by the Conference on Technology and Globalization, NYC February 24-25, 2001 sponsored by The International Forum on Globalization

DAM was conceived by Another Limited Rebellion design: A socially conscious design firm.

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