Mike Mills: Humans



No plan survives first contact with the enemy.
Sometimes being dumb is the only smart alternative.
Shy people are secretly egoists. Nothing is real.
Everything you see is a dream you project onto the
world. Children live out their parents unconscious.
The only animals that suffer from anxiety are the
ones that associate with humans. I don’t trust
people who are very articulate. The only way to be
sane is to embrace your insanity. When you feel
guilty about being sad, remember Walt Disney
was a manic depressive. Everything I said
could be totally wrong.


Everything is transient
Everything is a process not an object


1. Be more positive. 2. Try to stop
anthropomorphizing the animals I know,
or at least do it less. 3. Play games
that require abandon. 4. Get better at
maintaining relationships with friends.
5. Look at how I’m not fully conscious of my
real life, admit that I’m groping in the dark,
overwhelmed by the consequences
of may acts and that every moment I’m
faced with outcomes I did not intend.


Animal rights is the movement to protect
animals from being used or regarded as
property by human beings. It is radical social
movement insofar as it aims not only to attain
more humane treatment for animals, but also
to include species other than human beings
within the moral community by giving their
basic interests – for example, the interest in
avoiding suffering – the same consideration as
those of human beings. The claim is that
animals should no longer by regarded legally
or morally as property, or treated as resources
for human purposes, but should instead be
regarded as persons.

2004 – 2007


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