St. Moritz Design Summit

The First Declaration of the St. Moritz Design Summit

As designers, we reject any forms of globalization that ignore social differences and the factual quality of people’s lives.
Design has for too long now acted as an agent of one-dimensional globalization, and has failed to foster a debate on the issues involved.
In transitional and confusing times, everybody seeks guidance, answers, even blueprints.
Design offers none of these.
Design, however, is the way of thinking and acting that thrives on addressing complex processes, on navigating contradictions, and on connecting isolated issues.
Design must offer modular systems, transparent strategies, open sources, intelligent interventions and identify key problems.
In the near future, design must embrace misunderstandings, mistakes and socalled misuse by people as a source of innovation and a means of improving cultural diversity.
As designers and communicators, we commit our ideas, our experience and our passion to helping people recover their self-esteem and self-confidence.

2001 | St. Moritz | Switzerland

The Second Declaration of the St. Moritz Design Summit

As an instrument of the global economy business often makes design decisions without looking to the longer term. Increasingly, design is required to meet arbitrary deadlines, and to act as a facile novelty machine, allowing no time for reflection or an adequate process of development.
Design often contributes to dubious innovations which serve no other purpose but to flood the world with more of everything for those who need nothing.
Sensible design, however, rejects the zealous support of marketing hype, and strikes back. We demand the time to reflect on the situation of design and our position in society in order to improve the quality in design and of life. Therefore, we declare the 21st June of every year the International Design Action Day.

2003 | St. Moritz | Switzerland

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