WAI: Manifesto for Total Architecture

This is a manifesto for total architecture, not totalitarian architecture.

Totalitarianism disguised as aesthetic or stylistic superiority is doomed to fail.

Total Architecture is critical of architecture at the service of totalitarianism.

Totalitarian architecture, either in the form of the proto-fascist newspeak of parametricist self appointed prophets, or in the market driven cleansing of cartoonish diagrams of banal architecture is doomed to crash just like Nazi, Stalinist, and neo-liberal market driven architecture has failed time after time in its pursue to materialize aberrant dreams of dictators and despots (both centralized or rhizomatic).

Total Architecture is intended to adapt, transform and remain immutable.

Total Architecture is made by people and for people, their spatial experience, their psychological and physical well being.
Total Architecture aims at exploring the essence of architecture in its inherent relationship with people, their desires, and needs.

More than ultimatums, total architecture is led by incorruptible principles and values.

Total Architecture stands for the ulterior values of architecture in its total relationship with its ambition to improve life, manipulate space and create a framework for the free interaction between people and their environment.

Total Architecture transcends the ultimatums of false prophets and remains immutable in the face of time.

Total Architecture is critical of the status quo, and the expectations of the so called market.

Total Architecture aims at creating paradigms of buildings that create total harmony between their parts.

Total Architecture strives at setting models of structures that consolidate the relationship between the building and its users.
Total Architecture aligns structure, façade, plan, section, with use and spatial experience.

Total Architecture aims at creating new possibilities, interactions and potentialities.

Total Architecture is total architecture in the immaterial domain of ideas, and in the concrete domain of materiality.

Total Architecture will constantly appear in the public domain as it will create, establish and consolidate ways to maintain an open relationship with the public.

Total Architecture will produce museums that bring art to the people and drive people to art.

Total Architecture will create schools that enhance the interaction of students with a learning environment and paths of discovery.

Total Architecture will defy the banality of the office building and create spaces to work creatively.

Total Architecture will make conditions to house humanity, not just the few privileged.

Total Architecture is not definitive.

Total Architecture is a path, a struggle, a fight.


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