Architects Declare: UK Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

We will seek to: __ Raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the urgent need for action amongst our clients and supply chains. __ Advocate for faster change in our industry towards regenerative design practices and a higher Governmental funding priority to support this. __ Establish climate and biodiversity mitigation principles as theContinue reading “Architects Declare: UK Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency”

Decolonising Design: Editorial Statement

Much of the academic and professional discourse within the design disciplines over the last century has been bereft of a critical reflection on the politics of design practice, and on the politics of the artifacts, systems and practices that designerly activity produces. Our premise is that— notwithstanding important and valued exceptions—design theory, practice, and pedagogyContinue reading “Decolonising Design: Editorial Statement”

WAI: Un-Making Architecture – An Anti-Racist Architecture Manifesto

BUILDINGS Buildings are never just buildings. Buildings respond to the political foundations of the institutions that fund, envision, and desire them. Buildings are physical manifestations of the ideologies they serve. Although a naïvely detached or romantic position may be able to render buildings as semi-autonomous artifacts capable of sheltering or enveloping space, this depoliticized attitudeContinue reading “WAI: Un-Making Architecture – An Anti-Racist Architecture Manifesto”